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If You're Seriously Interested In Making Serious Money Online Through Information Marketing, This Is Going To Be The MOST IMPORTANT Letter YOU Will Ever Read.


From from the keyboard of Ross Dalangin

Dear Infopreneur,

Starting an online membership site of your own can be one of the greatest and wisest decisions you'll ever make in your Internet Marketing career. It's a given, after all, that membership sites can present countless lucrative opportunities in store for you - or anyone for that matter.

Among all the existing Internet Business Models online, membership sites are often perceived to be of higher value as compared to other kinds of even viable business models.

Less than 9% of online users currently pay for online content. This means the market is wide open for the savvy entrepreneur. Paying for content in year 2004 was more than 5 times what it was in 2005. That's a whopping 500% growth! Those who capture the market first in their niche will have the obvious advantage and it's an international market, so anyone can play!

One of the great things about starting a membership site is you can take your hobby, specialized knowledge or profession and turn it into a profitable business.

4 Awesome Reasons To Start Your Very Own Membership Site!

You can easily prove your credibility and expertise to your members through creative use of membership sites.
You can make residual income from your membership site by charging a periodical fee (i.e. monthly, annually) for your members to subscribe to your membership service.
With your reputation built among your members, you can instill a positive influence over your members when it comes to sharing an expert opinion... or even buying more from you!
Find your Inbox flooded with Joint Venture proposals and exclusive business opportunities - you can now have the luxury of picking and choosing who to work with because other marketers now value your influence and marketing power!

Given some positive advantages and benefits, starting your own membership site can prove to be the best decision you - or any Infopreneur - can ever make.

But If Membership Sites Are Really That Great, Why Isn't Everyone Starting One?

Unfortunately, starting your own membership site doesn't necessarily come just as easy let alone run it.

For starters, you have to be programming savvy. You need to know what choices you have and how to choose the best model for your membership site. Obviously, there are many kinds of membership sites you can choose from to start - and the key to starting a successful membership site is choosing the right model (and script, too!).

Secondly, you need to know how to source for online content to be placed into your member's area. Remember that you're NOT running some kind of freebie site or even an article directory so when your prospect hears of "membership site", he or she is ready to expect quality content one page away.

And you have to worry about dealing with member support issues, how to make money off your site at its maximum potential, how to start, run and organize your membership management, just to name some.

Now these barriers can be very much discouraging to many Infopreneurs, forcing even several others to leave piles of HUGE money on the table for the minority of the hard-hitting marketers to harvest.

So far, there hasn't been a manual powerful enough to show how you - or anybody - to overcome these barriers and make an explosive jump start on your profitable membership site in a fun and easy manner.


Announcing Your Awesome Fun Guide To Starting A Profitable Membership Site Of Your Own:

Membership Blueprint

60 Letter-Size Pages, PDF Format, Instant Download

FINALLY! If You'd Like To Become Part Of Today's Growing, Hard-Hitting Infopreneurs, There's No Better Way Than To Create Your Online Wealth Through Expert Membership Sites!

And that's where my Membership Blueprint manual fits in. My manual eliminates all the guesswork and delivers *strictly* the meat to you when it comes to starting your own successful membership site for profits.

Join Me And Take A Look At What You'll Discover Within The 60 Pages Of This Awesome Manual:

  • The 2 distinct types of profitable membership site models you can choose from,

  • The best membership software and scripts you can use to build your membership site hassle-free!

  • How to strategically choose your membership theme for maximum profit potential!

  • The seven (7) "must have" success keys to starting and running your profitable membership site! (Hint: your membership business is doom to fail if you lack any one or more of these success keys!)

  • How to start your FREE membership site in a simple step-by-step fashion - yet still make truckloads of cash from it! (Hint: There are at least 4 ways of making money from a free access membership site!)

  • How to run your PAID membership site in a hassle-free fashion and discover two (2) additional profit centers to your recurring income from members every month!

  • Five (5) amazing ways to get HIGH quality content for your membership site for FREE or low cost in ways you didn't know so well!

  • How to build a powerful base of members for your site through this single most important technique!

  • The one hazard you should steer clear away from - this is one problem that has been responsible for shut downs and failures of most membership sites (and you'll do well to avoid it!)

  • How to spread the word about your membership site like a virus and recruit members for you around the clock like a mad house - without extra effort on your part! No, this membership marketing technique has absolutely NOTHING to do with recruiting affiliates.

  • How to handle your growing members in a professional and simple fashion without increasing your customer support issues in the process!

  • The true mission of your membership site!

  • Top notch examples of membership sites throughout the Internet you can model after their success!

  • And so much more!

That's Really Awesome, But Why Should You Listen To A Word I Say?

I'll let others tell you why.

"Thanks for this wonderful guide!"

"I was skeptical at first but since I really want to have a residual income online and don't need to work in the office, I decided to buy the Membership Blueprint and I'm glad I that I decide to buy it. It's really is very helpful for me and the ideas inside the report is really natural an believable. Thanks for this wonderful guide. I love it."

Joan J. Brown
503 Scenicview Drive
Athens, TX 75751

"Two thumbs up for you Ross!"

I was online for several years and I know that having a membership site is one of the best way to earn money online. I really like the step by step guide on your report. The amount that I invested in your report is nothing compare to the knowledge I acquire/learned. Two thumbs up for you Ross! Thanks a lot!

Paul F. Baxter
1074 Byrd Lane
Clovis, NM 88101

Awesome Guide!

This is an awesome guide that newbies are really needed. I read many reports about Internet Marketing and Make Money Online but this one is top notch. Not being hyped but I just want to express my likeness on your report.

Right now I have several reports that my writers did for me and I want to start right away and use your guide from start to finish my membership business. I think I will always ready it to make my membership business become really successful. I will use your report as my business plan.

I walso want to congratulate you for having this kind of report. I really appreciate that you did something like this. It's very helpful.

John C. Renner
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No Other Words but GREAT!

Since I bought your report I decided to create several membership sites. Your guide is really fantastic and no other words but GREAT is what I want to say with your report. I was not fond of creating testimonial for a product but because I really like your report, I gave you one as my appreciation. Congrats!

Chester R. Cruz
4667 Angus Road
New York, NY 10048

Anymore room for doubts?

But Come To Think Of It...

Most of the successful TOP Internet Marketers that you and I know of today have made it BIG online using membership sites as their primary vehicle to spread their marketing influence.

I mean, imagine:

  • The massive amount of members they've gathered into their member's area
  • The convenience of endorsing their next product launch to a pool of warm prospects at the convenience of one email away, and
  • The huge amount of residual income they make - month by month!

And Isn't It About Time YOU Do The Same, Too?

Of course, it is!

So here's my offer: for only $47.00, you get to discover how to start your very own HIGHLY profitable membership site. All the guesswork is eliminated and the "how tos" will be delivered to you at your fingertips instantly.

Believe me, there's nothing quite like this before and for the first time ever, you can start your own expert marketing influence in an all new and powerful fashion!

And here's something else to sweeten the deal.

I'm Offering You My 100% Satisfaction, No-Risk Money Back Guarantee!

Membership Blueprint is yours to try for a full 90 days. Read the manual, absorb the information and put them into practice. Choose your membership model as highlighted in the manual and start building your first membership site. I'm very confident that you'll be amazed at how easy it can be starting your membership site amidst all the barriers that putting most Infopreneurs off (probably because they don't have my manual!).

But if you're not satisfied with the results or feel that this manual isn't what you're looking for, email me and delete the manual from your hard drive within 90 days from your purchase. I will refund your purchase - every single cent of it. No questions asked.

You cannot lose!

Order Membership Blueprint Right Now!

As soon as you make your payment via secure server below, Membership Blueprint is yours to keep... instantly! All you need is Adobe Acrobat Reader program installed in your hard drive and you can read or print this awesome report.

So invest in this "must have" guide right now if you want to quickly enjoy residual income from your personal fan club and all things totally cool!

Amount: $47.00

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Warm Regards,

Ros Dalangin


P.S. Not many books are written on one of the Internet's most powerful cash-raking model. Even fewer books tell you how to start your own profitable membership site in a fun and detailed step-by-step fashion. The sooner you order your copy, the sooner you'll find yourself aching with ideas and making your wallet swell into proportions. Order now.